What We Do

Business Continuity Management

Embedding BCM Within The Organization

It is easy to develop a BCM programme for your organization but the challenge comes when you have to integrate it into day to day business activities and organizational culture. We establish a BCM programme that is integrated with organizations strategic, day to day management and also aligned with business priorities..

Business Continuity Management (BCM) Validation

We maintain, review and conduct exercises to validate the developed business continuity plans. The validation process highlights the strengths and weakness of the BCP, identifying issues and assumptions that require attention. We maintain the BCM programme to ensure that documentation is kept up to date, current and relevant documentation is distributed to appropriate interested parties.

BCM Auditing

It’s a phase that takes place during the developing of the BCM programme. The main aim of BCM audit is to closely inspect an organization’s existing BCM programme. The team or consultant that produce the BCM programme cannot audit the programme hence we become an independent party to audit the programme. Afrocentric IP Provide both internal and external audit. Internal audit occurs when we developing the BCM programme and external we become an independent party. The audit approach followed is based on the good practice guidelines.

Managed services

The ever-changing realm of information technology has deemed it necessary to partner with Managed Service Providers such as Afrocentric IP to have the comfort of operational resilience. IT has become so complex that customers are forced to use our platforms in some manner. We provide a variety of services, including networking, security, helpdesk, IT service delivery management, applications support and more... Beyond specialized services, general IT support services are a critical aspect of any business, however, it may not be possible for resident IT staff to cater to all those needs and still be forward-looking to ensure stability for the business. As an MSP, we're always up-to-date with the latest trends, solutions, strategies, & threats. This ensures our clients are never left vulnerable or unable to provide the necessary services to your business. We bring a wide variety of experience & knowledge meaning we can immediately elevate the performance across the board!


Beyond MSP services we also offer cloud-computing. With key infrastructure in all the major cities in South Africa, we're able to provide localized, cost -effective, cloud solutions that can be customized to suit a customer's needs. Our Virtualization approach enables organizations to complete data Centre transformation, server consolidation, and server migration project blazingly fast, with minimal downtime and maximum automation. We offer infrastructure platforms that allows the customer to build their own networks with unlimited options & resources. Customers can acquire short & long-term storage integrated with data replications & disaster recovery capability. We offer storage solutions that optimize the use of storage and do capacity planning building and resource. Other cloud services include Software-As-A-Service, Security-A-Service, Connectivity, & data analytics