Our Philosophy

Afrocentric IP stands for Afrocentric Intellectual Property. The name is derived from the urgency that Africa must begin to generate or create HER own Intellectual Property through innovation and begin to be in the for front of putting solutions to the world’s challenges.

Afrocentric IP is a governance, risk, compliance and collaboration solution provider. Most organizations found themselves with a number of technologies that does not add value to people, Afrocentric IP seek to bridge the gap between people and technology.


Business partnerships are key to our service delivery model and our delivery channel to ensure utmost Customer satisfaction.

The need to collaborate as business partners has gained momentum in modern business as it ensures that the CUSTOMER becomes a winner. Our partnership strategy is based on a mutual beneficial approach and guided by a common goal which is UTMOST CUSTOMER SETISFACTION realised through Service Delivery Excellence .Key to our partnership model are the following values:

  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Excellent Business Ethics
  • Win-Win Models
  • Transparency
  • Integrity

Technology Partners

Afrocentric IP has chosen technology partners that adhere to Open Standards, interoperability and Integration in the Technology that they develop. Key important elements on Technological partners that we partner with are the following:

  • Technology Maturity
  • Adherence to Open Standards
  • Proven track Record on Support
  • Support the Local Economy e.g. Channel model that supports local economy
  • Active and invest in Skills developments
  • Promote interopebility and integration

The modern day industry has evolved from the ONE STOP SHOP technology approach (Venor Lock-In), the existence of heterogeneous environments has become an unavoidable reality and thus modern technology demands specialisation across multi-disciplines. In order to achieve UTMOST customer satisfaction certain technology vendors have taken the need for interopability seriously and have started to collaborate. Afrocentric IP has partnered with technology Partners that fulfil the above mentioned objectives.


Afrocentric IP is proud to be an african owned company and CONDEMNS any form of discrimination with the context of the South African constitution and International Human Rights Laws.

Preferential Procurement

A deliberate effort has been made to, in all cases, to procure from BEE compliant organizations unless there is a compelling reason not to.


Our approach in job opportunities is aligned with the employment Equity Act framework which is SA Government policy.

Skills development and Excellence

We take skills development and excellence very seriously because it is the cornerstone of our existence and that of our business model as an organization. That is however clearly defined in our slogan. We give individuals an opportunity to join our organisation based on a mutual beneficial relationship between the Afrocentric IP and themselves. Afrocentric IP is NO PLACE for average people as excellent in service delivery and generation of Intellectual Property is NON-NEGOTIABLE.