Our Work

Business Continuity Management

Includes the full Business Continuity Framework from, Business analyst services (Business impact analysis), understanding the business needs, and interpreting those in the developing of the plans through our Business Continuity consultancy services (BCP, DRP, Incident management, ICT Strategy). In the end ensuring that the developed framework is implemented, and the culture installed in any organisation by Enterprise BCM Framework, Recovery Strategies and BCM Plans.

Information Security Officer

A department required a resource who will serve as an ISO and implement Information Security responsibilities on behalf of the department. Our resources are highly skilled, with ISO certification and many years of experience. This resource is to assist the department to be an ISO27000 certified, through the presentation of fragmentation when applying security technology and practices within the organisation and enable the department to take advantage of, adjust to, and/or influence the direction of industry security practices, standards, technology, and legislation. Outputs are approved documents as per the approved ISMS Charter and tools that monitor implementation and ensure continuous improvement.

Shared DR Service

10 departments in one province that had a shared vision to have a shared DR Service, which would effectively reduce the costs of having a big data centre. The departments have the same DR solution, which was cost effective. Afrocentric IP does the architect, design, implementation, support and maintenance for this province.

Electronic Records and Document Management

Afrocentric IP implemented the solution for an organisation that required a repository for all their documents, accessibility, track and edit digital information stored in the workplace to anyone within the organisation. The solution helps a business to combine paper to digital files and store it into a single hub after it is scanned, and digital formats gets imported. The solution was deployed on the Afrocentric infrastructure and hosted in the current organisation’s data centre facility. One aim that the department required was the reduction of paper. The solution has a user-friendly web-based interface, collaboration tools, security, workflow and auditing capabilities.

Programme Management Office

Organisation requested a team of Programme Managers to perform project management functions on their behalf for their ICT Infrastructure Project. Afrocentric IP functions including the verification of the technical specifications, assist in adjudication, manage and supervise the implementation of the ICT project and hand over to the organisation upon completion.

Asset Management

Implemented and supports and maintains an Integrated Full Enterprise Asset Life Cycle Management System, which includes Seamless integration between the asset management system and corporate systems (Financial and technical systems), Unbundling of Infrastructure Assets & Recognition to FAR, Assets (Movable & Immovable) verifications, Training and Change Management, GIS capabilities, Document Management, Fixed Asset Register Updating, Support for Year End Audits and Ensuring Fixed Assets Register/General Ledger/Audited Financial Statements reconcile

Modules Included:
• Technical and Financial Asset Register Module
• Insurance Module
• Project Management Module
• Work-In Progress Module
• Repairs and maintenance Module
• Planning and Demand Management Module
• Land and Properties Register and Property Management Module
• Fleet Management Module

User Access Monitoring and Reviews

Afrocentric IP has deployed the solution that monitors user’s activity that make unauthorized changes to critical files, systems and applications within their IT infrastructures. The solution gives real-time alerts to possible threats and can integrate with the departments existing SIEM. This solution has enabled the department to clear their audit finding and significantly reduced organizational risk to critical assets.

Privileged Account Management

Implemented to assist the organisation be able to view and monitor administrators privileged accounts activities. Without this solution, it puts any organisation’s infrastructure at risk. This solution enhances security controls and account management of systems. This creates an audit trial for any organisation, by been able to generate system reports. Privileged Account Management enables the ICT Administrators to control and audit administrative access with privileged credentials through granular delegation and command control, keystroke logging and session audit, policy-based control, and secure and automated workflows. This creates an audit trial for any organisation, by been able to generate system reports.