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Filr deployment

We are deploying Filr in 5 regions for the Limpopo department of education- LDoE. LDoE has above 2000 users that will be using Filr to share files among each other, Filr has been designed with the enterprise in mind, resulting in less administration, better security and productive users. Among countless benefits of Filr is that it improve user experience by enabling users to have access to their files and folders on any device, anywhere at any time.

Web-based Hosted emails for Libraries in Limpopo

We are developing a customized interface for the libraries hosted email. The email will be hosted on their private domain, eliminating the security risks associate with public domain. All emails for libraries in Limpopo will be hosted at the head office at Limpopo sport art and culture (SAC).

DR as a shared Service

DR solution is often said to be expensive, in an endeavour to cut cost the Limpopo office of the premier have opted for DR as a shared service, this means a number of department in Limpopo will have share a DR site. They are implementing DR as a shared service to take advantage of using a common solution, share maintenance and support and also share connectivity.



“It was 11 hours before payroll when I lost 2 RAID 5 drives on the payroll system, we seamlessly failed over to Platespin forge and business continued as usual” Aluwani Tshishonga , National library SA IT Head


"Commission for conciliation, mediation and arbitration we typically receive a total of between 2,500 and 3,000 new case requests every day, we lost 2 terminal servers, we failed-over to the Platespin forge and the services were available within 30min without any desktop reconfiguration." Refilwe Molete, Information and communication Technology senior system Engineer


"Following a power outage, the data store containing most of our production servers became corrupt” said van den Berg,” we tried through the night to fix the issues but finally decided at 8 am the next morning to fail over to Platespin forge. Within 45 minutes all production systems were up and running and our users could continue as normal." Pieter van den Berg, SALGA IT Head