Job Opportunities

Job Title: Sales Representative

Employment Type:
Permanent with 6 months probation

Proposed Salary & Other Benefits

R500 000 - R1.3m (Basic salary & communication)


BCom/Diploma/Certification in Sales, IT, or Similar.


5 - 10 years in sales (Preferably IT Sales)

Skills & Competency Required:

Communication Skills
Writing Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Filing/Paper Management
Willingness to learn
Initiative and problem-solving abilities
Equipment handling
Attention to details

Job Functions:

•Assist to Develop, improve, and document a sales framework that will be used by the internal and external sales team.
•Assist to workshop and implement the sales culture to the whole company.
•Achieve monthly, Quarterly, and annual sales targets set by senior management.
•Plan weekly sales activities.
•Report weekly to the sales team and monthly to MANCO on your opportunities.
•Develop mitigation plans for your quarterly target shortfalls.
•Assist in managing sales pipeline.
•Ensure that opportunities don't become stagnant.
•Ensure the accuracy of the sales pipeline.
•Quarterly account planning for each region with regional sales representative.
•Account planning for existing customers.
•Build and manage relationships with Vendors/OEMs
•Negotiate pricing/discounts with Vendors/OEMs
•Assist to plan, budget, and organize for lead generating sales and marketing events.
•Account Management.
•Help draft and Review SLAs.
•Calculate Gross Profit for all your sales opportunities with the assistance of finance.
•Up-selling and cross-selling on existing customers and new customers.
•Sales administration.
•Bids administration
•Draft proposals, business cases, bid responses, etc.
•Perform presentations

Closing Date: 31st of January 2020

To Apply, kindly send your CV and covering letter to: